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CoolBar 2 tøris glas

5.299,00 kr
  • CoolBar 2 tøris glas
CoolBar 2 tøris glas CoolBar 2 tøris glas https://www.youtube.com/embed/3pkU_H14kOQ

100% Chef

CoolBar 2 tøris glas

5.299,00 kr
  • Drik glas nedfryser and tøris fortætter,

    En attraktion til din restaurant, cocktailbar eller natklub. Kølige drikkevarer og glas- eller keramikkrus på få sekunder uden at tilføje vand til dine drikkevarer. Du får straks kølige drikkevarer og is ved -45 ° C, hvilket sparer plads og energi ved ikke at opbevare dine drinks i kander. Ingen installation forud. Bærbar. Hurtig forbindelse til flasker på 10, 12 og 15 kg CO2.

    CoolBar 2 - Glass Froster And Dry Ice Condenser  

    2 in 1: Cool Bar 2 now allows to frost your glassware or produce your dry ice tablets on demand, all in front of a client and with no need to change a bottle or connection. The new gas exit reduction system means you can freeze your glassware in just seconds and with the CO2 Dry Ice Black Condenser attached, you can instantly make dry ice pellets. Save up the 30% of consumption of CO2, this is one of the most efficient freezers in the market. Complete your condenser with our moudling discs: Poker, Cube or Pellet. 

    CoolBar 2 is a great decoy for your restaurant, cocktail bar or event venue. Instantly freeze your glassware to -45°C, saving space and energy at not having to store your glasses in cold rooms.
    This device almost doesn't make noise when used, and this makes it the ideal tool for all places where it is fundamental to work in silence: restaurants, hotels and lounge bars.
    Despite its noiselessness, the CoolBar 2 is still a very effective and performing tool.

    - Completely portable, no prior installation needed.
    - Quick connection for CO2 bottles with dip tube and capacity of 10, 12 and 15 kg.
    - Available plugs for Europe
    - Dry Ice Black included.

    Ref. 120/2028

    Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 32 cm

    Units per box: 1

        • 1800W 230V 50Hz

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