Omega juice presser til grov presning 8226

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Omega juice presser til grov presning 8226,

Masticating Juicer Omega 8226  

Masticating Juicer Omega 8226

Durable, versatile, powerful and simple.
The Omega 8226 Nutrition Center is the juice extractor grinder of reference. Equipped with a powerful resistant motor built to perform in continuous professional usage. The extrusion bolt allows a continuous grinding system for multiple grinds of pulp fibers extracting every bit of juice in it without affecting the vitamins, enzymes and minerals contained in the product. This unique juice extraction system consisting of two grinding steps, guarantees maximum efficiency while maintaining a low foam formation without oxidation thanks to its mere 80-rpm rotation engine. This low rotation mechanism also eliminates the burden of obstruction and avoids a rise in the temperature of the juices. The Omega 8226 is essential to extract juices from germinations, chlorophylls, almond creams, coconut milk and soy. It also permits the extrusion of nuts into butter, and fresh pasta for a perfect serving of spaghettis. You can also grind coffee beans, herbs and garlic, and frozen fruit becomes a perfect puree or fine natural sorbet.
If you are still not sure of acquiring the Omega 8226, consider its easiness of montage and forget about bulky complicated machinery.
The Omega 8226 is set up to perform in less than 10 seconds.
Weight: 9.7kg. Voltage: 230/50-60hz

Ref. 50/0007
Dimensions: 165 x 368 x 394 mm Units per box: 1

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