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Our plantation of yuzu, located on the Shikoku Island, Prefecture of Kôchi, in Japan, offers its harvest exclusively to European market with deliveries starting next mid-November.
The plantation is near the village of Kitagawamura, it is the most famous origin for the Japanese yuzu. The fields are at high altitudes in the mountain.
Specifications of our yuzu: variety CITRUS JUNOS stemming from cultures height fields, in reasoned agriculture.

The mature fruits, bright yellow, are generally quite big, from 100 to 140g each with some fruits with a possible weight of 150 to 200g (5%). The fruits have a diameter of 55/65 mm for 10% of them and 65/85+ mm for 90% of them.

The peel of the fruit is bright yellow to golden yellow and has a few brown and black spots. It is a natural and physiological reaction of the fruit, a characteristic of the yuzu. These spots don’t spoil the fruit and assure its authenticity. These spots are due to the stress of the tree against the weather, the soil or the scars of the fruit stung by the thorns of the tree.
The fruits are packaged in closed parcels of 1.5kg net.

It is recommended to use a cold storage at 5°C with an ideal humidity level of 85%. The fruits can be kept 15 to 20 days or even longer.
You can freeze the yuzu without any problem or damage to the fruit.

The yuzu season always alternates one year with a good harvest in terms of quantity and a small harvest in terms of quantity.
The 2018 crop was heavily impacted by two typhoons. The quantities were lower and the quality was not at the rendezvous for the majority of the lots. We could only get a limited amount of frozen juice.

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Varenr. YYFJ 

Pris /kg 480 kr

Fresh yuzu box of ≃ 1.5kg

Minimum order : 1.5kg

Fresh YuzuFresh YuzuFresh Yuzu


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